Purpose and Scope:

The purpose of the Abaarso Tech University Transfer Credit Policy is to establish clear
guidelines and criteria for the admission of transfer students and the transfer of credits
to Abaarso Tech University. This policy applies to undergraduate transfer students.
Transfer From Other Universities
Admission Criteria:
Transfer students must meet the following admission criteria:
● Hold a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale for undergraduate
● Have completed a minimum of one semester and maximum of 6 semesters at a
regionally accredited institution or an institution recognized by the Ministry of
Education in their respective country.
● Meet the same admission requirements as first-time applicants, including any
program-specific requirements.
● Students graduated from colleges and seeking an upgrade will be considered for
Payment Process:
Transferred students are responsible for paying the full tuition for the semester,
including courses that they are retaking or adding.
Transfer Credit Evaluation:
The University will evaluate the transfer credits of all incoming transfer students to
determine the credits that can be applied towards their chosen program of study at
Abaarso Tech University. The evaluation will be based on the comparability of the
courses completed at the transferring institution with the courses offered at Abaarso
Tech University. The University will provide transfer students with a clear understanding
of the transfer credit evaluation process and the criteria used for credit evaluation.

Course Equivalency:
● If a transfer student has completed equivalent coursework for a major course, the
University will recognize that course equivalency but the student will be required
to retake that course at Abaarso Tech University in order to fulfill the residency
requirement for their major.
● Transfer students who have completed equivalent coursework for a minor course
will have that credit counted towards their degree requirements.
● The University will work with transfer students to ensure that they are aware of
any differences in curriculum or program requirements that may impact their
academic progress.
Transfer Student Support:
The University will provide transfer students with academic advising and support
services to ensure a smooth transition to Abaarso Tech University.
Prohibited Actions:
Falsifying transcripts, submitting fraudulent or altered documents, or misrepresenting
coursework completed at other institutions is strictly prohibited. Violating this policy may
result in the revocation of transfer credit or disciplinary action.

Internal Transfer:

Eligibility Criteria:
To be eligible for internal transfer, a student must have completed at least one semester
at Abaarso Tech University with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. The student must be
in good standing with the university and not on probation or suspension. The student
must meet the admission requirements of the program to which they are transferring.
Application Procedure :
● Students who wish to transfer to a different program within Abaarso Tech
University must submit an Internal Transfer Application form to the Office of the
● The Office of the Registrar will forward the application to the appropriate
department dean for review.
● The department dean will review the application and make a decision based on
the student’s academic record, available space in the program, and the student’s
fit with the program’s goals and objectives.
● The department dean will notify the student of the decision within a reasonable

Transfer to Other University:
The student must submit a transfer request letter to the Admissions office explaining
the reasons for transferring and the name of the university they wish to transfer to.
● The admission office will review the request and forward it to the concerned
Department Dean for consideration.
● The Department Dean will schedule a meeting with the Head of Admissions to
discuss the student’s request and review the student’s academic record.
● If the Head of Admissions and Department Dean are unable to resolve the
student’s issues or concerns, the student may be granted permission to transfer
to another university.
● Additionally, students who wish to transfer to another university are required to
pay a transfer fee.

The Abaarso Tech University Transfer Policy establishes clear guidelines and criteria for the
admission of transfer students and the transfer of credits to Abaarso Tech University.
The policy covers admission criteria, payment process, transfer credit evaluation, course
equivalency, transfer student support, prohibited actions, and internal and external transfer
policies. The policy aims to ensure a smooth transition for transfer students to Abaarso Tech
University and maintain the academic standards of the university.

By following this policy, Abaarso Tech University can ensure that transfer students receive
appropriate credit for their prior coursework and can successfully integrate into their chosen
program of study.