As the Registrar of Abaarso Tech University, I stand here today with immense pride and joy to extend my heartfelt congratulations to each one of you on this momentous occasion of your graduation. You have reached a significant milestone in your lives, and it fills me with great admiration to witness the transformation you have undergone during your time at Abaarso Tech University.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Abaarso graduates is their commitment to serve as agents of positive change in their communities and beyond. In a country where unemployment and poverty persist, you have chosen to be catalysts for progress and transformation. By embracing your roles as problem solvers and change-makers, you are actively contributing to the development of Somaliland, a nation that is in dire need of individuals like you.

I would be remiss not to acknowledge your remarkable resilience and selflessness during the COVID19- pandemic. The outbreak in 2020 presented unprecedented challenges, testing the mettle of every individual and institution. As the world grappled with uncertainty, Abaarso students, particularly those in the health science department, demonstrated immense courage and dedication. They fearlessly stepped forward to support the Ministry of Health in its fight against the virus, working tirelessly at the only dedicated COVID19- isolation center, a facility generously donated by Abaarso Tech University, which had transformed into its teaching hospital.

Simultaneously, students from other departments played a crucial role in raising awareness and disseminating vital information to the public. Your selflessness and commitment to serving others exemplify the true spirit of Abaarso, where education is not just about personal advancement but also about making a positive impact on society.

As you transition to the next phase of your lives, I implore you to remain steadfast in your pursuit of excellence and service. While the road ahead may present numerous obstacles, remember that each challenge is an opportunity in disguise. Embrace these challenges as sources of inspiration, fueling your determination to find innovative solutions and create opportunities for growth and progress. In the face of uncertainty, let faith guide you, and continue to seek the blessings of Allah. Trust in your abilities and believe in the potential you hold within. The Abaarso community, consisting of faculty, staff, and your fellow alumni, will always be a pillar of support for you, celebrating your successes and standing by you during times of difficulty.

As I conclude, I once again extend my warmest congratulations to the Class of 2023 of Abaarso Tech University. May your journey ahead be filled with fulfillment, purpose, and the realization of your dreams. You hold the power to shape the future, and we have every confidence that you will do so with unwavering determination and integrity.

Congratulations, graduates, and welcome to the esteemed group of Abaarso alumni – a community of change-makers, leaders, and individuals committed to making a positive impact in the world. May you continue to inspire hope and optimism wherever you go, and may your legacy forever be etched in the annals of Abaarso’s history.

— Abdullahi Hassan, ATU Registrar