Empowering Students through a Transformative Study Tours: Delivering Medical Services and Awareness in Burco Camps

A work trip to Burco camps was organized with the purpose of providing students with a firsthand experience of real work environments. The trip aimed to expose them to different locations where they could deliver medical awareness and services. It was arranged by the training sector of the Health Development Department, which sought to enhance the students’ understanding of healthcare practices and the challenges faced in the field.

The students embarked on two trips, with the first one taking place on Thursday, June 2023 ,15. They visited Aadan Saleebaan camp, where they engaged in various activities to deliver medical services to the poor community that could not afford healthcare. During this trip, the students conducted free clinical laboratory tests, performed ultrasounds, and assessed the nutritional status of children under the age of five. These initiatives aimed to address the healthcare needs of the underserved population and provide valuable medical services.

In addition to delivering medical services, the students had the opportunity to interact with the community in Aadan Saleebaan camp. They engaged in medical awareness sessions, educating individuals about preventive measures, disease management, and the importance of regular healthcare check-ups. By actively participating in these sessions, the students not only disseminated crucial information but also fostered a sense of empowerment and knowledge within the community.

On Friday, June 2023 ,23, the students visited Kur-Libaax refugee camp for their second trip. In this camp, they continued their mission of delivering medical services and raising awareness. They conducted medical awareness sessions, addressing various health topics relevant to the refugee population, and provided free clinical laboratory tests and ultrasounds. This comprehensive approach aimed to meet the healthcare needs of the refugee community and contribute to their overall well-being.

The trip to Aadan Saleebaan camp and Kur-Libaax refugee camp provided the students with a practical understanding of the challenges faced by impoverished communities and refugee populations in accessing healthcare. Witnessing the reality of limited resources and the impact on the health of individuals, the students’ perspectives on healthcare equality were further strengthened. They recognized the significance of providing medical services and awareness to underserved areas and marginalized communities.

Overall, the work trip to Burco camps, including the visits to both Aadan Saleebaan camp and Kur-Libaax refugee camp, offered students a transformative experience. By delivering medical services, conducting awareness sessions, and witnessing the healthcare challenges firsthand, the students gained practical skills, empathy, and a sense of responsibility towards serving underserved communities. This experience would undoubtedly shape their future endeavors in the healthcare field, fostering a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.