As we gather to reflect upon our journey, I am filled with immense pride and gratitude for the remarkable achievements that have defined our path. From Burao to Erigavo, Hargeisa to Berbera, each of our campuses has carved its legacy of growth. Our commitment to holistic education, encompassing academia, character-building, and hands-on skills, is evidenced in the milestones reached.

In the heart of Burao, the Abaarso Tech University Burao campus stands as a beacon of excellence. With dedication, we have nurtured an environment where students conquer challenges and excel in their pursuits. The partnerships we have cultivated, the strides in academic excellence, and the empowerment of our graduates all speak volumes of the strides we have taken.

The Erigavo campus, born in 2019, has swiftly evolved into a hub of learning and innovation. Through a relentless pursuit of quality education, we have bridged gaps, empowered youth, and sowed seeds of progress within Sanaag region. The accomplishments in research, collaborations, and student empowerment are testaments to our commitment.

Likewise, the Hargeisa and Berbera campuses are fortresses of learning, where the realms of health sciences and technology are redefined. The Health Sciences department’s journey resonates with resilience and practical wisdom, as it equips students to be the healthcare leaders of tomorrow. Simultaneously, the ICT, Business and Software Engineering departments champion innovation, producing pioneers who shape the technological and business landscape of the region.

As we stand on this tapestry of accomplishments, let us not forget the steady heartbeat of our university – the post-Graduate department. Its strides echo in the establishment of systems, the pursuit of knowledge, and the research that fuels academic excellence.

Amidst these resounding achievements, we envisage a future that resonates with greater heights. Our commitment remains steadfast as we expand our horizons. New programs in law, education, technology, engineering, and more have broadened our educational spectrum, ensuring that we produce graduates poised to lead in the dynamic world.

Our harmonized curriculum, the cornerstone of our academic ecosystem, not only bridges disparities but also aligns with industry needs. It molds students into industry-ready professionals, forging a partnership with progress itself. The stories of our students’ motivation and excellence paint a vibrant canvas. Through semester-based programs, we celebrate honor students, fueling a cycle of achievement, positivity, and inspiration that ripples across our campuses.

Looking ahead, our ambitions soar. With technology at our side, we are poised to diversify our offerings, equipping our graduates to meet the ever-evolving demands of the global landscape.

I extend my deepest gratitude to our dedicated faculty, staff, and students who have fueled our journey. Your passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence drive the Abaarso Tech University spirit.

Let us continue to rise, to inspire, and to shape the future. Together, we stand as a testament to what is achievable when unwavering commitment meets boundless aspiration.

Ahmed Ismail Abdi