Who can Apply?

  • We seek applicants whose strengths, interests, and values are a good match for ATU. Because the University is built on the idea that talent and good ideas can come from anywhere.
  • You can earn Bachelor degree at ATU, Masters Degree and there are specialized course of study for non degree seekers students who are willing to pursue professional education in specific area of expertise.

Application Proccess

  • ATU is gradually adopting to a new system of student course selection.
  • Starting in the academic year 2018-2019, students in upper classes (after the freshman year) will have the choice to take courses outside of their class year as long as they have fulfilled all pre-requisites for that course.
    • For example, a second year student may be able to take class designated for the third year or freshmen year students.
    • The registrar’s office will publish course offerings for each semester and students can choose from the list provided.
    • This system is designed to give students and instructors greater flexibility.

Application Handling

Early planning is essential for successful and fruitful college experience. Therefore, we urge all our students to contact our office as early as possible and to consult with us periodically throughout their college life to make sure all their records are in order for smooth completion of all course work and requirements.