Abaarso Tech University Annual Retreat 2023

Abaarso Tech University (ATU) campuses––Hargeisa, Burao, Erigavo and Berbera–– held their annual retreat in Berbera at the Maasoor Beach Hotel. All campuses were represented by their leadership staff. This annual retreat was hosted by the Berbera campus and its coordinator Mr. Mohamed Abdilqadir.  Academic Directors, Deans, Admission and Finance Departments were also represented. 

With the backdrop of the beautiful Batalaale Beach, the retreat offered a period of relaxation after a year of hard work and reflection on the future of ATU institutions.  This was the first university-wide retreat and it was designed to be an opportunity for colleagues from the four campuses to know each other and to develop lasting comraderies and friendship.  It was also an opportunity to compare notes and to develop a common strategy for quality improvements and collectively work towards the shared vision of the university.

ATU is now widely recognized as premier quality university and the retreat was a golden opportunity for the entire leadership to meet in one place and in a conducive environment to map a unified strategy of continuing improvements in the university’s mission to produce high quality students, its outreach and community programs and its ability to conduct research and expand the knowledge base of our society.

Attendees expressed their appreciation to the Berbera staff and also to our Burao ATU for volunteering to host the next university-wide retreat.